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now available...
download the Freeside Utilities for Acid, version BETA 5 via HTTP (3.8MB)
or via anonymous FTP at
(this is a self-extracting WinZip file)

Freeside is an original techno music production duo from Raleigh, North Carolina.
These tools were originally developed for our own internal use, but have now been given a full GUI and user-friendly design for the benefit of all Acid users.

comments, questions - write to Hex

No pocky for kitty: Sorry for the substantial delay.  Got too wrapped up in music to catch up on the utilities until Acid 3 got released.  And guess what?  They changed the whole file format.

So I'm deciphering the new one and will retool the almost completed utilities to use it.

In the meantime, the old utilities still does the bulletproof wave acidizing we all need.  The MIDI converter, of course, will only work on Acid 2 and earlier files.

The next version with the Acid 3 support will have all the new features I said the previous one would, as long as they're still relevant (Acid 3 also changed around the save options):

I have started a mailing list to notify people about updates to the software.  If you'd like to join it just send e-mail to with "subscribe" in the Subject line.

Tools available in the most recent version (Beta X):

Version Notes and Outstanding Issues/Bugs List (as of Beta 5, last updated 7/22/00)


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